Ami Mops® is born from the natural evolution of the Decorative Arts workshop opened in the 90’s by Barbara Corazza in the historical area of the Lazzaretto, in the heart of Milan.

The diversely decorated furnishings were first juxtaposed to, then substituted with refined pieces of jewelry, irreplaceable accessories in contemporary fashion.

Architect and photographer Valentina and Matteo carry on the family tradition bringing about new creative lifeblood and the specific expertise of their professions.

The continuous stylistic research has allowed for the experimentation of a great variety of materials to then definitely reach, although not exclusively, the world of resins- noble plastics, direct descendants of Bakelite- mainly hand-crafted, which, being so light, allow for significantly large designs.

The rigorous style, often geometrical and essential, is attenuated by the variety of characteristic and innovative materials, shapes, and chromatic combinations, which earned themselves publications on prestigious newspapers and guides.

The materials used are all exclusively made in Italy, except for the Bohemian glass and the pearls.

All the metal parts are rigorously NICKEL FREE.

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